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Boarding - Full, Field & Self-Care

Full board includes a large rubber-matted stall cleaned daily, high quality Purina brand feed, high quality hay, daily turn-out (individual or group; weather permitting) & use of the farm’s many amenities.

Field board includes the same high quality Purina feed & hay in addition to the use of the farm's many facilities. Each field boarder field includes its own large, well ventilated run-in shed.

Self-care board includes a large rubber-matted stall with a brand new automatic watering system, turn-out in a group setting & use of the farm’s extensive amenities.  For an additional charge, care for your horse is available on an as needed basis.

No matter which plan you choose, professional assistance is available for you & your horse.

All veterinary care, farrier services, etc. are extra charges and are not included in the base boarding cost. 

Farm Service Pricing is available under Forms.

Early Handling
The following young horse services are offered:

  • Conditioning & Training for Sporthorse Breed Shows including Hunter Shows
    • Conditioning & Training may be arranged at Fox Den Farm; or
    • By arrangement, at your facility.
  • Introduction of the young horse to Tack & the Lunge
  • Stallion Prospect Handling & Training

Backing Young Horses
Much time & patience is utilized to:

  • Introduce the young horse to Tack, the Lunge, Long Lining & the Rider
  • Launch Cavaletti Work & Free Jumping
  • Commence the early elements of Dressage
  • Accustom the young horse to Cross Country Hacking

Training Through The FEI Level
Client-based services are offered in the following areas:

  • Preparation of Stallions for 100-Day Testing
  • Preparation of Mares for Performance Testing
  • Training of the Rider through the FEI Level on your Sporthorse or one of FDF’s School Horses
  • Training of the Sporthorse through the FEI Level
  • Combined Training Instruction through the Preliminary Level
  • Presentation of the Sporthorse at Schooling & Recognized Shows

Lunge Lessons
Instruction on the Lunge on your Sporthorse or one of FDF’s School Horses provides:

  • Development of the seat & leg without the extra duty of steering & gait regulation
  • Suppleness exercises for the rider
  • Gait development for the Sporthorse

Free Jumping
For information regarding free jumping at Fox Den Farm including FAQs,  please follow these links ->

Consistent instruction is provided at various Training Facilities throughout the United States.  To schedule, audit or participate in an upcoming Clinic, please contact 610-793-1256 or [email protected]

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