Buyer FAQs

Q. What is the advantage of buying a horse from Fox Den Farm?

All of our horses are raised and trained using proven developmental programs developed especially for sport horses. These programs give the horse the base it needs to reach its full potential while developing a temperament and work ethic that will allow it to be both a competitor and a companion.  Any questions you have will be answered openly and honestly. Our goal is to help you make the right match.

Most horses also come with:

  • Detailed Nutrition program
  • Training program
  • Turnout schedule
  • Bit/blanket/girth/bridle/saddle sizes.
  • Breed Registration Papers (a $325 value)
  • Mare Book Registration (a $350 value)
  • Mare Performance Test (a $900 value)
  • Breed Registry transfer of ownership form
  • USDF Horse Identification Number

Fox Den Farm has been in business for more than 20 years. We have hundreds of repeat clients and a strong sport horse record in the country.  When you buy a horse from Fox Den Farm, you’re getting our reputation and commitment as well.

Q. When can I come to the farm to see sales horses?

The farm is open seven days a week.  Normal sales staff hours are Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm and Saturday, 7 am to 11 am. When possible, it is best to schedule visits in the afternoon, especially if you or your trainer want to ride. However, we are happy to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Q. Is the farm easy to find?

Fox Den Farm is easy to find.  Our farm address is 42 Blue Stone Drive, Chadds Ford, PA 19317.  Please keep in mind that we are located in a rural area, so if you have any problems while driving, don’t hesitate to call us at 610-793-1256.

Q. Can I take a farm tour when I am there?

Certainly! Let us know in advance if you'd like to tour Fox Den Farm so we can be ready for you.  If you are taking a tour, please allow an additional hour in your schedule.

Q. Whom may I bring with me?

When you come to look at our horses for sale, your trainer, family and friends are also welcome.  Just let us know how many will be joining you, especially if you’re planning to take a farm tour.

Q. What can I expect to see of the horse when I am there?

Normally we bring your horse out into the courtyard for conformation and disposition evaluation. The horse is then taken to the indoor arena. Riding horses will be ridden by our trainer for about 10 minutes.  If you’d like, at this time you and/or your trainer may ride. If appropriate we will also show the horse through a jump chute or over fences.

Q. Where can I stay if I'm planning an overnight trip?

For your convenience we have a list of local establishments on the website.  For more details that may make your trip more enjoyable, see our Visitor FAQ.

Q. What should I bring with me?

Bring a video camera if you have one. If not we can video you riding for review later.

Your welcome to bring your own saddle, although if you use one of ours you’lle know it properly fits the horse.

A helmet is required. We have helmets that you can borrow if you don’t own one. This rule is strictly enforced.

If you want to ride you’ll need proper shoes with a heel. In general, sandals and high heels are not recommended around the farm.

Q. If I decide that I like a horse, what is the next step?

It’s easy. Just make an offer, place a deposit of 10% of the agreed upon purchase price (can be a personal check) and fill out our sales agreement.  This agreement states that you will purchase the horse, pending a pre-purchase exam.

The deposit will be returned upon full purchase of the horse or if you decide not to purchase.

Q. How can I pay for a horse?

We accept a certified check or money wire for the full purchase price.

Q. What exactly is a Warmblood anyway?

Warmblood simply distinguishes this type of horse from the "cold bloods" (draft horses) and the "hot bloods" (Thoroughbreds and Arabs). Sporthorse refers to the intended use of the breed - as a competitive and recreational horse for the major international equestrian disciplines of dressage, jumping, 3-day event, and driving.

Most warmblood breeds originating in Europe are referred to as sporthorses, as opposed to other hot and cold blood crosses that do not participate in the above mentioned disciplines. The history of the various Warmblood breeds can be found on registry websites some of which we have listed for you under Links.

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